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Perfluorinated sulfonic acid resin

SUNCHEM perfluorinated acid resin is the strongest super acid by now, similar to DuPont's Nafion H, and has good heat resistance, chemical stability and mechanical strength. Generally perfluorinated ether monomer having the sulfonic acid group is copolymerized with tetrafluoroethylene to obtain the perfluorosulfonic acid resin. Introduced the largest electronegative fluorine atom in molecular, and then have a strong field effect and inductive effect, making its acidic surge. Compared with liquid super acid, when used as a catalyst, it is easy to separate, and can be used repeatedly. It is also has characteristics of less corrosive, less pollution caused, good selectivity and easily applied to industrial production.


Product Features:

Shape: translucent particles

Group Type: RF-SO3H

Switching capacity: > 1.0mmol / g

Decomposition temperature: > 350

Recommended Applications: high temperature acid catalyst reactions, the maximum operating temperature of 200.

Ring-opening polymerization, esterification, alkylation, etherification, etc..

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